Lacrosse Goalie Summit 8

Take your goalie game to the next level with 5 days of FREE virtual lacrosse goalie training from the top coaches in the sport 

Oops, the event ended! But you can still get access to ALL the amazing replays!

Welcome to the Lacrosse Goalie Summit 8

The Lacrosse Goalie Summit is a 5-day virtual goalie training event for lacrosse goalies, coaches, and goalie Moms & Dads. Hosted by Coach Damon from Lax Goalie Rat - the 100% free training event features the top coaches in the sport who will teach you:

  • Techniques and Drills
  • Mental Mindsets of Elite Goalies
  • Visual Training and Mindfulness
  • What it Takes to Succeed as Lacrosse Goalie
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Coach Damon - Lax Goalie Rat

How does it work? 

  • Register for the event for free with your email address.
  • You'll then receive emails with webinar links to attend each coaches' training event.
  • Show up, learn, take notes, ask the coach questions and level up your lacrosse goalie game.
  • Events are 100% free to attend live. After you register, you'll have the opportunity to buy the VIP Pass which gives you lifetime access to watch the replays whenever and wherever you want.

Who should come? 

  • Lacrosse Goalies 
    • all ages
    • all sexes
    • all skill levels
  • Lacrosse Goalie Moms & Dads
  • Lacrosse Coaches
  • Lacrosse Goalie Coaches & Trainers


Starts December 19, 2pm EST!









Meet the Coaches

Level up your goalie game with free sessions from these amazing coaches

Colin Kirst

Pro goalie - PLL Cannons
Rutgers '22
2nd Team All American '22

Tues. Dec. 20, 4pm EST

Backyard Goalie Training: Drills and Exercises for the Backyard

Taylor Moreno

UNC '22 - All time save leader
2021 Goalie of the Year
2022 Athletes Unlimited Champion

Weds. Dec. 21, 2pm ET

My Favorite Lacrosse Goalie Drills

Drake Porter

Goaliesmith Head of High School Development
Syracuse '21
Team Canada goalie

Mon. Dec. 19, 2pm EST

Goalie Arc Play

Emily Sterling

Maryland '2023
2022 Goalie of the Year
2022 Big Ten Goaltender of the Year

Fri. Dec. 23, 6pm EST

Strength and Conditioning as a Goalie

Owen McElroy

Georgetown - '22
2021 and 2022 Goalie of the Year
Pro goalie - Chrome Lacrosse Club

Mon. Dec. 19, 6pm EST

How to Learn from Reviewing Film

Matthew Nunes

UVA Sophomore
ACC Freshman of the Year
Creator of MN41 Lacrosse goalie coaching

Mon. Dec 19, 8pm EST

What to Look for in a Club Team, Camps & In Private Goalie Coaching

Tim Cassi

Creator of Focus Lacrosse
Save % Leader at D3 Kings College
See the Ball // Save the Ball

Tues. Dec. 20, 6pm ET

Stance and its impact on seeing / saving the ball

DR. Arman Taghizadeh

Dr. T. - Sports Psychologist
Former NCAA D1 wrestler
Mindset training expert

Thurs. Dec. 22, 4pm ET

Control the Controllables: Developing a Goalie Mindset

Matt Gill

Asst. Coach Long Island University
Goaliesmith Head of MS Development
St. Rose '18

Mon. Dec. 19, 4pm EST

How to Train Youth Lacrosse Goalies

Simon Bellamy

Brock University '21
2021 Baggattaway Cup Champion + Goalie MVP
Founder of Stand Tall Goaltending

Thurs. Dec. 22, 8pm EST

“The Switch” - Entering the zone for peak performance

Meg Huether

Creator of Between the Pipes Lax
2009 & 2013 World Champion with Team USA
Duke '06 - 2005 Goalie of the Year

Thurs. Dec. 22, 2pm EST

Hand / Eye Drills

Pat Wallace

Founder of Goalie Gurus
University of Richmond (D1) and Boston College (MCLA)
Former Asst. Coach for Amherst College

Thurs. Dec. 22, 6pm EST

Mental Preparation: Cultivating a Clear and Focus Mind for Competition

Jake Lee

Director of @ChampionshipCognition
Sports Psychologist
Mental Performance Coach

Tues. Dec 20, 2pm EST

Winning the game within the game

Brian Carcaterra
Larry Quinn
Scott Bacigalupo

Join legends of the past to discuss the lacrosse goalie position

Tues. Dec. 20, 8pm EST

Hall of Famers Roundtable

Gib Versfeld

Creator of Goalies by Gib
Johns Hopkins D1 Goalie
Amherst College D3 National Runner-Up 2019

Weds. Dec. 21, 8pm EST

Building a Personal Brand for NIL

Mo Spellman

Head coach of Endicott women's lacrosse
Women's director at Peak Goalie
Presenter Lacrosse Goalie Summit 4

Wed. Dec. 21, 6pm ET

How to Stand Out as a Recruitable Goalie

Tommy Bruno

Mr. Wanderful
Creator of the freshest twisties
Pro lacrosse goalie stringer

Wed. Dec. 21, 4pm ET

Live Stick Stringing + Q&A - Eclipse 2 Giveaway!

Rachel Vallarelli

Creator of RV Lacrosse
UMass lacrosse & Team USA U19 Alum
Pro Men's Box & Women's Field Goalie
Presenter Lacrosse Goalie Summit 1

Fri. Dec. 23, 4pm EST

bad habits and how to solve them


The Sidewall Jedi
PLL equipment manager
Expert stick stringer

Fri. Dec. 23, 2pm EST

What to do when something goes wrong

Who is this for?

If any of these sound like you, this summit is meant for you:

  • Lacrosse Goalies looking for that extra edge 
  • Lacrosse Parents wondering what the heck their kid has gotten into
  • Lacrosse Coaches who are clueless about teaching the goalie position 
Coach Damon in Goal

Where can I watch the replays?


After you register for the Lacrosse Goalie Summit, you'll have the opportunity to purchase the VIP Pass for access to all the replays from the event.

You'll get lifetime access to watch and re-watch the coaching sessions whenever and wherever you want. Download them and take them on the go! 

Lots of goalies and goalie Moms/Dads tell me they re-watch certain training sessions right before big games or tryouts to get into the right mindset for being an elite lacrosse goalie!

Best value you'll ever find for elite lacrosse goalie coaching!

What are folks saying about the  Lacrosse Goalie Summit? 

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Lacrosse Goalie Summit Sponsors 

Introducing the sponsors for this Summit! These companies have hooked it up! Support these brands because they support the goalie community. 

Deep South Lacrosse - CL Ace Goalie Head

With the CL18 goalie head, Coach Sash wanted to give athletic goalies the stick handling ability of attackman.  The CL Ace is version 2 and in this one (coming in 2023!) the throat is redesigned to reduce weight and have a comfortable grip. The overall weight of the head was also reduced while still keeping it the stiffest cross in the game! Thanks to Deep South Lacrosse, Coach Sash, and the CL Ace for being a Gold Sponsor of the Lacrosse Goalie Summit.


Deny Goalkeeping 

John Knowles from Deny Goalkeeping provides elite lacrosse goalie coaching (specifically for the female goalie) in the Rochester, NY area. Sessions cover techniques but also the mental game! If you're in the Rochester area, hit up Coach Knowles via the link (DM on Instagram). 


Warrior Nemi QS line

On Dec 6 Warrior will drop their new Nemi QS line. The Nemi QS goalie head features upgraded plastic that is extremely stiff and light as well as a redone ergonomic throat. The head is legal in both men and women's lacrosse. The gloves feature on the most protective thumb pieces on the market and are a great option for pros and youth goalies alike.



StringKing produces some of the top lacrosse equipment in the game including the Mark 2G goalie head used by goalies like Blaze Riorden. StringKing also has the Grizzly goalie mesh and a great line of light shafts, both of which are amazing options for young and pro goalies alike.


Lax Shield

Formerly known as the Lexi Shield, the Lax Shield is the new and improved 2nd edition. It is an awesome after-market protection device that reduces the impact of shots to the forehead. It features a smooth front (to put sweet stickers on), velcro attachment (for easy on/off). The new Lax Goalie Shield is available in white and black!

Guardian Gear

Guardian Gear

Evan Ludin is a hand occupational therapist and developed a special thumb guard insert (worn under the glove) to protect the thumb from shots. He's sold 1000s (over last 25 yrs) and to his knowledge no goalie has ever broken their thumb using one of these splints. Mail order and in-office appointments (he's located in New York). Text Evan at 516-650-3555

Learn from the absolute best lacrosse goalie coaches in our sport!

The Virtual Lacrosse Goalie Summit is an online educational event for lacrosse goalies, coaches, and parents to educate you on what it takes to become an elite goalie (or goalie coach).

Each coach will present on a different topic all designed with 1 thing in mind. Make you a better lacrosse goalie, lacrosse goalie coach or lacrosse goalie parent!

Over the course of 4 to 5 days you will:

  • Learn New Techniques and Drills
  • Get Inspiration
  • Improve Your Mental Toughness
  • Get to hang out virtually with goalies and coaches from around the world
  • Have to chance to interact with top goalie pro's

I'm pumped to present all of these amazing lacrosse goalie coaches to you over the course of 4 magical days.

100% Online and 100% Free.

Meet the Host - Coach Damon

Coach Damon Practice

The Lacrosse Goalie Summit is hosted by Coach Damon Wilson, founder of and the host of the Lax Goalie Rat podcast.

In 1999 I set out to learn the position of lacrosse goalie from scratch. While I made all the rookie goalie mistakes, I fell in love with the sport and this position.

I've been coaching lacrosse and specifically goalies ever since. My mission with Lax Goalie Rat and this Lacrosse Goalie Summit is to get you that top goalie coaching and education that was sorely lacking back I when strapped on my original Cascade helmet and STX Goalmaster and jumped into the crease.

I hope you can join me and the top lacrosse goalie coaches in our sport today for this special week long virtual training event. Time to level up your lacrosse goalie game!



What age group is this for?

The Lacrosse Goalie Summit is meant for goalies of all ages. Some of the coaching sessions will be more applicable to different age groups but goalies of all ages (youth to college age) will get value out of these coaching sessions.


Both. You'll notice a mix of male and female coaches. But both the male and female coaches will be covering topics extremely relevant to both games.

Are Replays / Recordings of the Coaching sessions available? 

Yes. The sessions are 100% free to attend live. Once you register you'll have the opportunity to purchase the VIP Pass which gives you lifetime access to replays from this Goalie Summit. You can also buy the replays from the previous Lacrosse Goalie Summits if you missed those.

I can't Attend some of the sessions. Should I still sign Up?

Yes. Come to one session or come to them all, choice is yours. But definitely sign up. Don't miss this amazing lacrosse goalie training opportunity. 


Check the schedule on the page. Times will be 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, and 8pm EST all days. 


Once you register for the Lacrosse Goalie Summit you will receive automated emails with Zoom links to join each session. Simply click on the link to join the webinar. Opt out at anytime if not interested. 

I purchased the VIP Pass for the last event. Do I Have to purchase again? 

Yes. This VIP Pass is for lifetime access to the Lacrosse Goalie Summit 8 replays. If you missed the previous Summits you can grab the Elite VIP Pass and get access to everything. Along with a ton of other stuff too. Either way, thanks for the support!

how long does each session last?

1 hour per session is the plan. My guidance to the coaches is plan on 40-45 min presentation and then 10-15 min Q&A. That said, if a coach runs overtime I'm not going to cut anyone off. So some sessions may run long if there's a lot of questions.

What if I want to purchase access to only 1 of the previous Goalie Summits?

That is possible. Follow this link: Lacrosse Goalie Summit sales page - then click on the event you're interested in.

Is this for field lacrosse goalies or box lacrosse goalies?

It's focused on field lacrosse goalies. That said, many of the mental game and physical training sessions will be VERY applicable to box lacrosse goalies in addition to field lacrosse goalies.


Shoot me an email:

Introducing the largest library of coaching sessions available for lacrosse goalies! 

the ELITE VIP Pass

Includes all the coaching sessions above PLUS all 111 coaching sessions from the Lacrosse Goalie Summit 1 thru 7! Some of best and biggest names in the goalie world giving you pure gold when it comes to making you a better goalie! Here's all the sessions you get...

Buy the Elite Pass

Liz Hogan

Women's Defensive Principles

One of the best female goalies ever teaches us women's defensive principles and what goalies need to know to lead the D!


Set + See It / Reading Shooters on 1v1 / Baiting

Mike and Andrew Gvozden from Goaliesmith teach us the 2 techniques that have revolutionized the position of goalie - "Read 'Em and Beat 'Em" and "Set and See It"

Ted Bergman

Bottom Hand Save Technique

Coach Bergman will share a revolutionary technique that helped him win goalie of the year at Wesleyan. This completely changed how I coach the position.

Sean Quirk

Goalie Play with the Ball at X

Director of the Peak Goalie camp and head coach of the Boston Cannons will educate us in how he coaches goalie play with the ball behind the goal. 

Marc Mancinelli

Using Teacher Pedagogy for Better Goalie Learning

Pedagogy is the theory and practice of how we learn things. Marc - a 20 year teaching veteran will show us how pedagogy can be used to better teach the lacrosse goalie position. 

Rob Muniz

How to Train Physically to be an Elite Lacrosse Goalie

My bro-in-law and certified personal trainer shares his workout philosophy and specific exercises for lacrosse goalies to excel 

Bob Rule / Rodney Rullman

Lacrosse Goalie in the 70s

Panel discussion with 2 goalie greats from the 70s to discuss what has changed and what is still the same since they played.  

Nick Beattie

Lacrosse in the MCLA

Cal starting goalie shares what life is like playing for a competitive team in the Men's Collegiate Lacrosse Association. 

Rashaunda Thorton

Nutrition for Lacrosse Goalies

Certified nutritionist will discuss how to implement a Sports Nutrition program for your team or for the goalie in your family.

Tate Boyce

Succeeding as a College Goalie

PLL Waterdog goalie and Providence alum will discuss what it takes to make it at the D1 level of college lacrosse. 

Chris Buck 

The Sport of School

We all know good grades are key to getting a college scholarship. Coach Buck will discuss how to help student athletes improve their grades.

Ted Bergman

Toy Solider Goaltending

Coach Ted breaks down his technique called 'Toy Soldier Goaltending" which includes amazing video breakdown and drills to work on pipe play.

Alex Ready

My Approach to Coaching Goalies

PLL Chrome goalie gives a full masterclass on he goes about training lacrosse goalies he works with in Crease Coach. 

Mike Gabel

The Field General

Coach Mike Gabel discusses how a lacrosse goalie can have amazing communication and be the field general that we're meant to be. 

Chris Buck

The Bring It Mindset

In his book "Thinking Inside the Crease" Coach Buck discusses this mental approach "Bring It" which is a great strategy for being an awesome goalie. This session he'll teach you the Bring It mindset and how to use it to improve your game. 

Jack Starr

The Reset Routine

Yale goalie Jack Starr shares a tactic taught to the Yale lacrosse team to regain your focus after giving up a goal or really after any bad play in general. This is amazing technique all goalies should be using!

Dave Page

The Complete College Goalie

Coach Page breaks down film of UPenn goalies to show you what it takes to be D1 caliber lacrosse goalie. 

Brad Gigliotti

Lacrosse Goalie Communication

Many goalies struggle with communication (on and off the field) and in this session Coach Gigs will give you tips on how to improve your communication. 

Rachel Vallarreli

Positional Aspects of Lacrosse Goalie Play

Pro goalie Coach Vallarreli breaks down how she positions herself in the cage to optimize the probability of making the save. Includes instruction on baiting. 

Arthur Leibowitz

Hand Eye Coordination for Lax Goalies

A hand eye coordination trainer takes us through a series of practical drills and training concepts that lacrosse goalies can use to improve their ability to react shots. 

Chris Gill

Better in the Backyard

Coach Gill takes you through a series of drills that lacrosse goalies can execute right in their own backyard with minimal equipment and minimal space. 

Ryan LaPlante

Consistency Thru Simplicity

Former MLL and Denver goalie discusses simplifying the position of lacrosse goalie in order to bring about the #1 thing all goalies want - consistency. 

Ronnie Fernando

Coaching the Fundamentals and Basics

Great session for anyone starting out. Coach Fernando takes us through the entire basics of what it takes to be successful in the position of lacrosse goalie. 

Lyndsey Munoz

Mastering Your Mind

The mental side of goalie and life is a huge issue for most goalies. In this session Coach Munoz discusses approaches and mindsets to improve your mental game. 

Zach Oliveri

Performance Preparation for Lacrosse Goalies

Coach Oliveri discusses how to prepare your body to be the best possible performer you can out there on the lacrosse field. 

Jesse Miller

How to Train

Coach Miller from BTBLax breaks down an efficient strategy for getting the most out of your lacrosse goalie training. 

Tommy Bruno aka Mr. Wanderful 

Live Stick Stringing with Q&A

In this session Mr Wanderful strings up a goalie head live while he answers viewers questions about stringing, mesh, heads, shooters, etc. We also gave away the head to a lucky winner!

Justin Goldman

The Power Within - Goalie Mental Health

Amazing session on goalie mental health which is an issue that many lacrosse goalies suffer from in silence. Justin's presentation helps "lift the mask" on goalie mental health. 

Matt Deluca

The Wide Base Stance

The Wide Base master himself Matt Deluca of the PLL Waterdogs teaches us the particulars of this type of lacrosse goalie stance. Great session! 

Trevor Tierney

Visual Training - Using Your Eyes to Get In the Zone

Trevor Tierney teaches us a vision technique and theory that lacrosse goalies can use to better get into the zone and pickup shots much easier. 

Brian Phipps

Goalie Island: Drills for Lacrosse Goalies on their Own

PLL goalie Brian Phipps teaches us a series goalie drills that you can do during "Goalie Island" which is that time during practices when goalies are on their own to get better. 

Rodney Rullman

Parents: How to Support Your Youth Lacrosse Goalie

Many parents never played lacrosse (let alone goalie) and have zero clue how to support their youth goalie. In this session, Rodney gives you a knowledge dump on how to support your young goalie. 

Barb Curran

College Recruiting for Lacrosse Goalies

Barb runs a business helping athletes get into colleges to play D1, D2, D3 athletics. In this session she shares tips for lacrosse goalies who want to play at the next level. 

Angie Benson

Week in the Life of a D1 Athlete

Virginia Tech starting goalie shares what life is like as a Division 1 athlete. You'll learn the hard work and sacrifices that Angie puts in. Also she shares her story. 

Ronnie Fernando

Lacrosse Goalie Footwork Drills

MLL vet Coach Fernando goes over the importance of footwork for goalies and also shares his favorite drills and routines that he uses to level up his footwork game. 

Dom Madonna

Using Film Review to Improve Your Game

MLL champ with the Boston Cannons Dom Madonna breaks down how he analyzes game and practice tape to improve his goalie game. 

Coach Sash

Live from the Box: The 33 Technique

Live from the "Box" at Deep South Lacrosse, Coach Sash demonstrates the 33 technique for defending low angle shots. We are also introduced to SeaBass and LacrosseDude - two amazing characters. 

Dallas Eliuk

Basics of Box Goalie (for Field Goalies)

Former NLL All-Star box goalie Dallas Eliuk leads a session on the basics of box goalie meant for those field goalies who want to give it a try. 

Coach Damon

Field Lacrosse Goalie Equipment

Coach Damon teaches a session explaining all the equipment needed for a field goalie. Both the required gear and the optional gear that he recommends. 


Inside Shots: A Training Breakdown for Coaches & Goalies

Mike and Andrew Gvozden from Goaliesmith go through drills and demonstrate reps for inside shots. Awesome set of drills and techniques for anyone struggling with shots in close. 

Devon Wills

Developing Youth Goalies

Devon Wills shares drills and techniques for developing youth goalies. Devon was a 10 year member of Team USA and is currently the head coach of the Harvard women.

Ted Bergman

Clearing with Confidence

Coach Ted Bergman, assistant coach Harvard men, discusses the clearing game. With Coach Bergman techniques and strategy you as a goalie will learn how to 'clear with confidence'.

Tim O'Meara

Bands, Buckets, and Boxing: Lacrosse Goalie Drills for All

Coach Tim O'Meara from Breakout Goaltending goes through a nice training regiment. Great training and drills for goalies of all ages, boy and girls!

NDV NeuroDynamic Vision

Eye-Mind-Body Integration Training

Ryan Harrison from shares some secrets of vision training. Fascinating stuff to consider and work into our lacrosse goalie training regiment.

Mo Spellman

Lacrosse Goalie Drills for Balance, Speed, and Agility

Coach Maureen "Mo" Spellman, head coach of Endicott Women's program and women's director at Peak Goalie opens up her drills folder. Learn tons of awesome drills to work your speed, agility, and balance - all critical aspects of being an elite goalie.

Lars Kiel

Stick Maintenance & Goalie Equipment

Lars Kiel, PLL Equipment manager and goalie coach, dishes up tons of amazing information on lacrosse sticks, stringing, and other goalie equipment.Some amazing info here - clear nail polish for the win!

Lyndsey Muñoz

The Path to Mental Mastery

Coach Munoz, George Mason Assistant Coach and Team España hopeful goalie shares some tips for the young goalies to dominate the mental game and live an amazing life.

Loryn Strange Watkinson

Mind-Body-Soul: Wellness Tips for Lacrosse Goalies

Loryn Strange from Living Proof Wellness discussing wellness tips for lacrosse goalies. Loryn works with the ESPN staff, the Boston Cannons and Peak Goalie so she brings a wealth of experience in this topic.

Coach Sash

Live from the Field: Angle Play and Positioning

Coach Sash live from the field teaching the 33 technique and the concept of "creep".

Crease Coach

Playing Outside the Crease & Breaking Bad Habits

Coach Johnny Rodriguez & Coach Tyler Schweickert share some advice on breaking bad habits and how to play outside the crease. Any presentation with Matt Russell and Brett Queener clips is a winner!

Ran Kirby

Lacrosse Goalie Training Equipment to Level up your Game

Coach Ran Kirby shares his favorite equipment to train lax goalies. Some awesome gear demo's in this one.

Mr. Wanderful

Live Stick Stringing w/ Q&A

Another awesome session with Tommy Bruno who strings up an awesome head while we ask questions and hang out.

Simon Bellamy

The Lacrosse Goalie Training Triangle

Simon Bellamy from @standtallgoaltending breaks down the Lacrosse goalie training triangle. He'll explain what are the basics that are required to make a save. And then even do into drills on how exactly you train those basics.

Jack Webb

My College Recruiting Experience

Jack accepted an offer to play goalie at Johns Hopkins. In this session he outlines how it all went down and answers great questions.

Dan Khalil

Selecting a Starter & The Goalie Core

Morrisville State Assistant Coach and Syracuse '19 Head WLax Manager Dan Khalil discusses how to select a starter. Good discussion on some of things coaches should consider with starters and backup

Shannon Novak

Getting Better By Yourself

Coach Shannon Novak from the 6x6 Goalie Academy shares tip for getting better by yourself.

Meg Taylor

ULTIMATE WARMUP for lacrosse goalies

Tewaaraton award winning goalie and Goaliesmith coach Meg Taylor discusses how a lacrosse goalie can have a great warmup. She also shares what goes into her personal warmup.

Drake Porter

Saving Shots on the Run

Goaliesmith director of youth gives a great session on saving shots on the run. He outlines common mistakes and how to fix them to make more of this tricky save.

Asa Goldstock

Level Up Your Clearing Game

The all-time Syracuse saves leader discusses on the best parts of her game: clearing. You'll learn what to look for and how to level up your clearing game from Asa!

Liz Hogan

How To Get the Best out of Drills

Team USA Liz Hogan uses her teaching background to share how to get the best out of lacrosse goalie drills. You can use this info to easily develop your own drills depending on what part of your game needs improvement.

Alex Ready

Saving Low Shots with Consistency

Lehigh asst. coach shares his technique and drills so that lacrosse goalies can find more consistency with making the low saves.

Jack Runkel

Lacrosse Goalie Communication

One of the best parts of Coach Runkel's game was his loud and clear communication with the D. In this session, Runk shares communication tips so young goalies can effectively communicate on the lacrosse field.

Breakout Goaltending

Focus on 5: Five Keys to a Great Training Session

Coach O'Meara has been running goalie camps on Long Island for years and in this session he covers 5 things that every lacrosse goalie training session should cover. Lots of drills included too!

Greg Klym

Mindfulness for Lacrosse Goalies

Mindfulness coach Greg Klym shares a few ideas and exercises that lacrosse goalies can use to reduce anxiety, feel more relaxed in goal, and train their brains to handle stress.

Dr. Rob Bell

It's Not About the Setback, It's About the Comeback

Sports psychologist and mental toughness coach Dr. Bell shares some lessons for lacrosse goalies to help win the mental battle and be mentally tough!

Amber Hill

Lacrosse Origins, Mental Health, and Believing in Yourself

Athletes Unlimited pro goalie Amber Hill discusses origins of our sport along with tips for mental health and positive beliefs for us lacrosse goalies.

Chris Burdick

Efficiency in the Cage

Coach Burdick goes through a series of progressive drills you can use to ensure that your lacrosse goalie's movements are as efficient as possible! No wasted movement!

Coach Tee

Drills to Build Explosiveness in Lacrosse Goalies

Coach Tee goes through tons of physical drills that lacrosse goalies can use to increase their explosiveness in the cage.

Meg Taylor

Meg's Keys to Inside Shots

Goaliemsith director of women's lacrosse shares her tips and advice for inside shots. And that's pretty much every shot in the women's game but this session also very much applies to men's lacrosse too!

Drake Porter

Common Youth Goalie Mistakes + How to Fix Them

Does your youth goalie have any of these bad habits? Team Canada goalie and Goaliesmith coach Drake Porter shares bad habits he sees in youth goalies and then shows how to fix each one! 

Scotty Rodgers

Mindsets and Motivation for Goalie Success

The Big Rig himself shares his story and some of the mental mindsets that can help your goalie achieve success in the crease and in life.

Kris Alleyne

The Goalie's Mindset

So many goalies struggle with the mental game and in this virtual coaching session Coach Alleyne shares more tips to have an unbreakable mental frame.

Parker Fairey

My Goalie Training Philosophy

Come learn how Parker things about training goalies. Great session for new coaches who've recently started training goalies because Coach Fairey outlines everything A to Z when it comes to training a new goalie.

Lady Lax Goalies

Girl: Break that Bad Habit

Lauren Saffoori shares the bad habits she sees in female goalies and shares tips for goalies to overcome them and take their game to the next level.

Dave Page

Analyzing D1 Goalies

Coach Page from Foundation Lacrosse and UPenn assistant takes us through some clips of Division 1 goalies to show us things that all goalies should be replicating in their game.

Caylee Waters

Footwork Drills + Other Drills to Do Alone

One of the best goalies on the women's side shares the drills to have such awesome footwork. Plus other drills you can use when you're alone on goalie island.

Sean Quirk

Live from the Field: Ready Position, Shading, and Baiting

PLL Cannons head coach and Peak Goalie owner gives us a great training session live from the field discusses things like ready position, shading, and baiting.

Angie Benson

How to Be a Team Leader and Earn the Starting Role

Pro goalie Angie Benson discusses 2 key topics for all goalies. Even if you're already a team leader or the starter I guarantee you'll walk away from this one with a few actionable tips to implement.

Jack Runkel

How to Break a Slump

At some point ALL lacrosse goalies go through slumps. In this session Coach Runkel from the Goalie Workshop will discuss some tips and methods to get out of that slump and back to performing at a high level.

Jay Fulco

Hand Eye Coordination + Reaction Time Drills

Coach Jay Fulco is a cognitive expert that specializes in training the brain to think and the body to move faster. His client list includes NFL players and in his session he shares some drills all goalies can use.

John Galloway

Big Picture Mentality: The Goalie Position Outside the Crease

Jacksonville head coach and lacrosse goalie GOAT shares some tips and drills that goalies can implement into their game to make them a weapon outside of the crease.

Gunnar Waldt + Joe Nelson

How to Reach your Full Potential as an Athletic Goalie

Gunnar and Joe from TCM Lacrosse share how young goalies can reach their full potential. Amazing session full of really actionable tips for those who want to play this position super athletically. 

Alyssa Rex

Using Mental Performance to Succeed as a Lacrosse Goalie

Coach Rex from Balanced Performance his a mental performance coach. In this session she shares some key lessons that lacrosse goalies can implement to be better mentally.

Zach Oliveri

Fostering Motivation and Skill Development for the Lacrosse Goalie

Coach Oliveri shares how to really bring motivation into a lacrosse goalie's game. Perfect for getting a youth goalie psyched up about practicing and playing this position.


Andrew Gvozden - Hofstra '12
Mike Gvozden - Hopkins '10
Creators of Goaliesmith Experience

Bad Habits & Out of Date Goalie Methodologies + How to Correct

Ted Bergman

Harvard Lacrosse Asst. Coach
Creator of Never Rattled Goaltending
2017 Goalie of the Year for Wesleyan 


Emily Sterling

Maryland '2023
2022 Goalie of the Year
2022 Big Ten Goaltender of the Year

Mental Game Tools for success

Chris Buck

Goalie Psychology Specialist
Author of Thinking Inside the Crease 
Author of The Sport of School

Angles, Intensity & Focus: A Goalie's 3 Keys For Success

Arielle Weissman

University of Michigan - '22
2022 2nd Team All-American
Athletes Unlimited Pro Goalie

The basics of college recruiting for goalies

Brett Dobson

St. Bonaventure '22, All-American
Archers PLL Pro Goalie
Creator of BD45 Goaltending

How to improve your goalie skills when you live in an area without resources

Regan Alexander

Ohio St. '24
Ohio State Scholar-Athlete honors
Big10 Defensive Player of the Week

Communication with your team in the chaos

Simon Bellamy

Brock University '21
2021 Baggattaway Cup Champion + Goalie MVP
Founder of Stand Tall Goaltending

Level up your performance with the mental game pyramid

Patrick Chapla

Creator of POWLAX
Online coaching platform
Defensive & Offensive Skill Development

TEAM Defensive basics to SEE savable shots

Kimber Hower

Syracuse '23
Earned starting role in her 1st year
Her Mental Matchup Article

Bulletproof mindset training

Angie Benson & Taylor Moreno

Creators of Comin' in Clutch
Athletes Unlimited Pro Goalies
2022 National Champ

How to Improve Your Clearing Game

Tim Cassi

Creator of Focus Lacrosse
Save % Leader at D3 Kings College
See the Ball // Save the Ball

Summer Tournament Tips for Goalies & PARENTS

Sean Quirk

PLL Cannons Head Coach
Peak Goalie Founder
2x Goalie Summit Presenter

The Basics for the U12 Year Goalies

Dillon Kelley

Pro Ice Hockey Goalie
Movement Specialist
Goalie Development Specialist

Increasing Mobility For more saves and less injuries

Curtis Armstrong

Creator of Armstrong S&C
Strength & Conditioning Coach
NSCA-CPT Certified Coach

Physical Drills to Improve A Goalie's Athleticism

Brandon Davis

Presenter at 2022 USA LaxCon
Former Georgetown College Head Coach

Using Data & Analytics to Improve Your Goalie Game

Tommy Bruno

Mr. Wanderful
Creator of the freshest twisties
Pro lacrosse goalie stringer

Live Stick Stringing + Q&A - Eclipse 2 Giveaway!

Brad Gigliotti

Creator of Goalies Matter
Mental Health Platform
Creator of 6x6 Goalie Training Academy

Mental Health TIPS for Lacrosse Goalies

Thomas Sullivan

D2 Goalie - Belmont Abbey
2022 Hon. Mention D2 All-American
Conference Carolina Defensive PoY

Life as a Division 2 Goalie

Megan Guilbert

Founder of ProSeed Forward Life Coaching
D1 Field Hockey Goalie - Providence
D1 Assistant Coach

School / Lacrosse Life Balance Tips